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What is the DTS?

Do not miss this opportunity to know more about God through the DTS!

The DTSis a 5-month school: 3 months of Lecture phase and 2 months of outreach. It will be a great time to grow in intimacy with God, to know him more deeply, to discover your purposes in the Kingdom, to put your faith into practice and to bring the Gospel through your gifts and artistic abilities.

In addition, the DTS is the first school of YWAM , the gateway for this missionary movement, where the student can do other trainings and get involved in ministries in one of the bases that YWAM has all over the world!


September 20th of 2020 to February 13th of 2021

Bilingual School: Spanish & English


Registration: € 50.00

Lecture phase: € 2,000

Extra Activities: € 300

Outreach: € 1,600

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Why an DTS with a Music focus?

Spain and Europe themselves are very artistic. Art is always an open door that we have and we know that through it we can reach people’s hearts as much as God’s.

Music focus

The main thing about a DTS is training and discipleship. But respect for the music focus, we have worship times and also music workshops so that students can improve their artistic skills.

Life in community

For us, relationships are very important! In the DTS they are also a learning tool, since in a conversation at the dinner table, in a cafeteria, watching a movie or cleaning the dishes together we can know each other better and reflect Christ. We want to be like a family!

We have separate rooms for male and female students, for staffs, staffs and married couples.

Our base

We have two places rented. If you are walking, you are like 5 minutes one from the other. In them we have the classes of our schools, the times of praise, intercession and meeting, and everything that has to do with our community. It is also at the base where we eat together every day, and where we have our service (we call it “La Quedada”) on Sundays.


Opening: September 20th of 2020

Lecture phase: September 21th to December 13th of 2020 (12 weeks) *

Outreach: December 14th of 2020 to February 7th of 2021 *

Debriefing at the base (to process the learnings and assessments.): February 8th to February 12h of 2021 *

Graduation: 13 de febrero de 2021

* These dates are approximate. Can change.

School routine

A day in the DTS is very intense!

We always have breakfast in the morning and then meditation (or time alone with God).

Then come intercession or praise with the whole base. Then we have the class for the whole morning, with a coffee break in the middle.

The food at 2pm, adapted to the good Spanish culture. Then, maintenance time (cleaning and repair of the common place).

In the evenings the activities are varied: art workshops, practical activity in the city and others.

After dinner we usually have a free time to do the work, read books or just relax.


Some of the classes you will have are:

  • How to listen the voice of God
  • Intercession
  • Father’s heart of God
  • Spanish culture
  • Fear of the Lord
  • Lordship of Christ
  • Sexuality
  • Divine Plumbline
  • and others

The classes in the morning are ministered both by invited teachers (mostly serving in some mission or ministry in Europe) and by some of our staffs. Our priority is that the teacher lives the topic that speaks and that is not only in the theory.

How you will learn

Everything that happens in the DTS is an opportunity to learn and grow. Some activities that you will live here:

  • Lecture fase – classes
  • Individual mentoring
  • Times of praise, intercession and services
  • Community service (maintenance and cleaning of houses)
  • Service to the city (participation in the ministries of the base)
  • Others more

You can write to us through the mail spain.music.dts@gmail.com and through our social networks.

The outreach

After the 3 months of lecture phase we go out into the world to be part of what God is doing. It is time to put into practice what was learned at the base, and to have incredible experiences with Him and others, as we seek to manifest the Kingdom of God, whether preaching to a person at a festival, cleaning a park or sharing in a church.

I want to do the Music DTS!

To make your application you have to:

1. Fill in the form below

2. Ask your pastor to fill in the Pastoral Reference Form (below)

Pastor Form

Click HERE to access the Pastoral Reference Form. The pastor must complete the form according to the instructions on it. This form is CONFIDENTIAL and should not be filled in the presence of the applicant to the DTS.